October ’21 Monthly Meeting

IIDA Mentorship Program


Let’s journey to Costa Mesa to “experience the magic of life-changing lighting” in Allied Lighting’s 1,500 sf Lighting Experience Center!

If that sounds dramatic, then we’ve described our October meeting just right!

According to Allied Lighting, “Just as music evokes a wide range of emotions, so does lighting! For instance, you’ll witness how easily lighting can change the ambiance of any space with a flip of a switch. From cozy and intimate… to the perfect lighting for a lively, fun dinner party – it happens just like “that!” We can even raise your ceiling’s height, highlight striking architectural features and focal points, and create a relaxing oasis after a long day at work — all through the magic of lighting!”

Shadow & Light – Designing a Mood

Tour led by owner and founder of Allied Lighting,

David Hertzberg, CLC

Time: Tuesday, October 5, 2021 at 6:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Where: Allied Lighting

222 Victoria St., Costa Mesa, CA 92627

This meeting is open to Creative Design Space Student IIDA Members

and FC’s Fall ’21 IDES 210 Fundamentals of Lighting class.

Please email creativedesignspaceiidafc@gmail.com to add your name to the guest list.

Parking is limited; please plan to carpool to this event.

HUGE THANKS to Allied Lighting for saving our IIDA Campus Center in a pinch,

and to member Maria Francia for the beautiful event marketing pieces!