November ’22 Monthly Meeting

Let’s gather again in November! This month’s event circles back to where our Campus Center began with guest speaker and FC IDES alumni, Tracy Rowe Mutz, CID, sharing the intentions behind our founding, the events and happenings of our inaugural year, and – MOST IMPORTANT – how you and other current students can customize Creative Design Space into the vehicle you need to start engaging with design professionals in our community!

Time: Friday, November 4, 2022 at 7:00 PM

Where: Room 731


About Tracy

Tracy Rowe Mutz, CID, currently works as an Interior Designer at California Design Center in Orange, CA. She graduated from Fullerton College in December of ’21 with degrees in Interior Design, Architecture, and Construction Technology. Tracy spent much of 2022 developing residential property in Amarillo, TX, but is happy to be back home in Cali with her amazing kids and favorite fur-baby.

This meeting is open to all Fullerton College Interior Design students.